Why the name etHaKallah?

HaKallah (הכלה) is the Hebrew for “the bride”. The “et” in front of it represents the definite article in Hebrew. Thus, the bride… in this case, the Bride of the Messiah… The “et” (את) is written alef tav in Hebrew, thus points to our Messiah Yeshua, because the Alef is the first letter in the Hebrew alefbet, and the Tav is the last letter. People also know Him as the Alpha and Omega (in Greek).

As I said in My Story, I was making the Wonder Night Cream for quite a few months before I started to sell it. In that time I was waiting upon Abba to release me to sell it, and nothing happened… I was sure that He would wake me up one night and reveal to me a name for this cream, and I would know… it’s time. I waited and waited. I tried names in my head, I wanted it to portray the Bride of Yeshua, preparing herself, but nothing sounded right…

And then, in August 2019, He used one of my Hebrew teachers, Adeline Askenazi, to give me the name. It instantly sounded right to me, and I knew! That was it! The name refers to Yeshua ( את ), as well as to the Bride (who is preparing herself…) 🙂

I made a few pots, created a logo, stickers, pamphlets, etc… A few dear friends and my husband laid their hands on them and prayed for this business/ministry. And then, I gave all those pots away as my First Fruits. 😉

While we were praying that day, my beloved husband saw a vision about a very dry land where the ground is cracking of dry dirt (representing the bride of Yeshua, hunger for the Word and fresh oil from His Spirit) and floods of oil (my cream) started to flow from one side, and the dry ground was “drinking” it up… We believe it shows that, just as women will use these creams to prevent their skins from drying out, they will “drink in” the oil of the Spirit and the oil of the pure Word of God… We prayed for that too 🙂

4 thoughts on “Why the name etHaKallah?

  1. I just love your night cream and also the special Hand cream. My skin feels soft en so wonderful.
    Thank you dear Carien…

    1. Thank you Yahdré! Wonderful to see you here! It always blesses me to hear how people love the cream! Abba spoils us!! 🙂
      Shalom, Karien

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