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I am just an ordinary woman, who loves my heavenly Bridegroom (Yeshua, as I got to know Him), my husband, my children and grandchildren (2 gorgeous little toddlers ;-)). While trying to balance work, family, ministry and relationships dear to me, I also like to keep a healthy lifestyle and stay attractive to my husband through a fair beauty routine… 🙂

Me with the very first jar I used in 2018

About 2 years ago, we as a family and cell group, got connected to the wonderful world of essential oils… First through Lillah Ann’ointing Oils (a powerful ministry in South Africa through which we went through an amazing time of trading our shortcomings in the spirit for His perfect properties via the blood of our Messiah Yeshua). A whole new world opened up for us and we enjoyed the journey a lot!

Out of this flowed the next step: to start using the oils not only for spiritual goals, but also to discover the physical properties and applications of these oils for our bodies. Abba taught us a lot and we started to experiment by using it instead of pharmaceutical medicine. We did not know much at the time, but we took baby steps. Soon we experienced a lot of awesome results!

In all of this, I started to experiment by making my own facial cream, hand wash, shampoo, etc. by throwing out all chemical products which contain bad stuff like paraben and all the other “bad bens”… and ordered a lot of raw, organic, all natural products from all over South Africa. That time was full of comical moments, especially with the hair trials.. 🙂

While busy experimenting with everything, and doing research on everything, I successfully started to make a night cream for my own always-dry-and-weary skin which I started to love using, because my skin started to come alive again!! I always filled a few 30 ml pots of cream, and before I could use all of it, I gave them away to dear friends and family.

Soon my friends & family started to ask me to please make them another pot of cream, but this time they wanted to pay for it… Since then, I have fine-tuned my recipe and it was only after I met Daniel & Orianne from Ancient Biblical Oils that I was sure that my recipe was from my Abba Father. I learnt from them how precious the ancient biblical oils are, especially Myrrh and Frankincense. I believe that is why those two ingredients are my most precious and important ingredients and no cream that leaves my house will be without those two… Please refer to the Wonder Night Cream page to read about why they are so important for the end-time bride, as well as for your skin!

Precious Frankincense oil & resin

So eventually, after a lot of testing and in the end, a lot of compliments of a smoother, healthier, younger-looking skin later, I believe I have the perfect recipe! No chemicals, all natural, healthy ingredients, that will only nourish, uplift & hydrate your skin. Only the best, raw ingredients are used. And for those of you who are afraid of the oils that become smelly after a while – don’t worry, the essential oils, expecially the Frankincense in it, is the perfect preservative, better than all the chemicals the cosmetic industry can think of! My creams stay fresh and smell like heaven for up to a year! 🙂

Shalom and please read through my Products and stay in touch for every month’s specials!

Karien – Dec 2020

Handmade with love for you, the Bride!
Shea butter
Always Myrrh & Frankincense.. 🙂

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